Why Do I Need Fire Alarm Monitoring?

June 21, 2022 | By: mm-admin

One of the most common questions we get at Fire Monitoring of Canada is, “Why Do I Need Fire Alarm Monitoring?”.  This question typically comes from building owners or supervisors who have been notified by the fire department or their insurance company that they need to or, they are evaluating the existing services within their building.

There are two main reasons why you may be required to have fire alarm monitoring in your building.

1. It’s Required By Code

This is the most common reason that a building needs fire alarm monitoring.

The Fire Code and Building Code are used to define what types of buildings are to be monitored by a third party.  For example, here in Ontario, the Building Code indicates that a fire alarm monitoring system must exist in buildings such as care facilities and hospitals, schools and day cares, high-rise buildings, and buildings where a sprinkler system is present.

This means that if your building falls into one of the applicable categories, there is a requirement by law to have your fire alarm system monitored.

The standard for fire alarm monitoring is CAN/ULC-S561; and to ensure your system meets this standard, you should receive a certificate from the monitoring company to attest to the proper installation and monitoring of your system.  The ULC certificate is the only physical proof that the monitoring on your premises conforms to this standard.

2. Peace of Mind

In some cases, it may not be required to have fire alarm monitoring in your building however, it is still a good idea to have the fire alarm system in your building monitored.

A fire alarm system is designed to detect alarms and prompt people to get out of the building, they do not automatically notify the fire department of the alarm.  This means, that if the alarms are activated, the fire department will not be notified until someone calls.  By having a monitored fire alarm system it ensures that the fire department is always dispatched upon activation.

Additionally, when it comes to fire protection, a quick response is everything.  Fires can spread throughout a building within a matter of minutes.  Have a monitored system will allow the fire department to arrive on site as quickly as possible.

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